How To Do The Hard Stuff The Easy Way

Hands up who’s set a goal and failed to reach it? Yep, me too.

Done the 12 month plan, broken it down, got all the actions. So what’s the problem?

In a word Overwhelm.

It FEELS like too much and it gives you too many reasons to beat yourself up. For failing. FAILING to achieve this, failing to do that.

Then that negative little voice goes to work in your head. If you don’t want to FEEL like a failure why set yourself up for it in the first place?

So you get busy – very busy doing all the things you don’t need to do to avoid doing anything you’re actually supposed to be doing to get closer to your goal.

Success isn’t an accident. Achieving goals isn’t easy. IT. IS. HARD.

But we can do HARD stuff in an EASIER way if we stop getting in the way of ourselves.

First, Reconnect with your WHY and the WHAT becomes clearer. Your why is your motivation – personally and in business. It’s easy to confuse the two. So be especially clear in your own mind why you’re in business.

For me it’s because I want to motivate and inspire small business owners to grow their business by generating more leads online.

My personal why or motivation is to have financial freedom and create a portable online business.

The Whats are the actions you need to take to keep moving towards this vision.

Second, apply the KISS principle and focus on Less – because Less is More.

Third, focus on one goal and STICK to it. This is your compass and if you forget to check you’re on course, you will lose your way.

So, here’s one simple thing you can do . . .

Write yourself a 90 day letter!

Why a 90 Day Letter? Because life happens and a 12 month plan is too far out. Will you achieve everything you set out to do? Even with a 90 day plan? Probably not.

But it’s a guide, providing direction for the next quarter where you can hyper-focus on strategy, and implementation in 90 day increments.
Want to implement and write one of your own? Here’s the process:
Step 1: The Assessment

First, start by listing the top 4 areas of your life:

Health + self
Giving back
Very quickly write down how you would ‘rate’ these areas of your life. Keep it simple and don’t over-think it, just choose a number out of 10. Once that’s done, for each area, make some quick notes on what you can improve and at least one action item to make that happen.


Step 2: The Letter

Once you’ve assessed your current situation, start writing a letter to yourself covering these action items and what should happen in the next 90 days… be as specific as you can. The main focus here should be on your WHY – Why are you making these improvements?


Step 3: The Action Plan

Now that the letter has been written, turn over the page and write the specific things you are going to accomplish within the next 90 days. This is your action plan. More than a to-do list, this needs to contain strategy, methods of implementation and the results you’re looking to accomplish in the next 90 days.

Finally, add the date that you’ll open the letter and put it in your calendar.

By writing this letter, you’re committing to what you’re going to accomplish in the next 90 days.

The difference here is that it’s in smaller manageable chunks, allowing you to continue in the long-term direction you’ve set and actually accomplish what you set out to do.

Doing is key. Your actions might not be perfect, they might even be wrong. But don’t beat yourself up because you have achieved. Yes, you’ve learned a lesson and won’t repeat the same mistake twice. Simple actions continuously implemented WILL take you closer to your goal.

Your 90 day letter keeps you on course. Meaning, if an opportunity comes up that’s not in your letter beware of Shiny Object Syndrome!!
Of course we need to be able to react quickly to new opportunities, but it doesn’t mean we have to react to every opportunity. If it’s outside your 90-day direction, defer it until the next letter in 90 days’ time.  Otherwise we’re back to being unfocused, haphazard and getting lacklustre results.

So try the 90 day plan – and stop getting in the way of yourself!

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