Why Knowing Who Your Perfect Customer is matters so much

How well do you serve your Perfect Customer? As in Delight them? Compel them to want to know you?

It’s a question which often stumps my small business clients.

They hear the words ‘Customer’ and  ‘Serve’ and confuse what I’m really getting at.

Which is, if you don’t know who you want to serve and delight, and you don’t knowtheir challenges and goals, and you don’t know their needs and fears . . .

. . . how can you truly attract their attention? Never mind get to know them, and then potentially convert them?

So, you can never know enough about the audience you serve. Seriously, I mean, Never!

I call this Perfect Customer Profiling. And it’s a really powerful and fundamental marketing exercise a lot of people miss.

It’s a bit like dating. If you simply relied on good looks, but made no attempt to really get to know someone, oh and then didn’t keep in regular touch . . .  errrm, well,  I think we can guess, that’s not a match made in heaven!

The trick with getting to know your Perfect Customer is to ask yourself – and them – questions.  In your emails, with a survey, or get on the phone if necessary.

Ask customers what their challenges or pains are, how your own product or service solves them; what did they need to know and feel before they bought from you?

Just like a recent client of mine did recently. He knew one of his printed products was selling well, but not why.

After speaking to his customers he now knows what challenges and needs they have. (I call these  Customer Pains!) And crucially, he’s learned what success they’ve achieved by using this product.

It’s not that his product is particularly unique or different from anyone else’s. He has competitors – lots of them.

But what IS unique and different, is his knowledge of what his customers are trying to achieve with this product and why. And which solutions work best in different circumstances.

Now he knows who his Perfect Customer is and can perfectly position his product knowledge and expertise as a Painkiller for them.

He’s worked out a value ladder of these specific products. He knows he can bring customers in at the lower value end – profitably – and then upsell.

He’s got a plan and absolute clarity – which is great for him AND his potential customers. Suddenly his marketing messages speak their language and understand their Pains and Needs.

Now he’s truly Serving them with great added-value advice and when they’re ready to buy – guess who’s going to be top of mind?

Oh, and there’s another bonus when you know your Perfect Customer, it brings massive focus too. Focus means you can be consistent in your service to them.  No more scatter gun, time-wasting marketing effort, no more relying on luck.

That’s the power of Perfect Customer Profiling!

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