Hi there, Jane here and welcome!


I recently carried out a survey about the Best Ways to Get Leads Online and the results provided some fascinating insights which I’m sharing with you here.

The results really helped me too – not just to discover what works for you – but what your challenges, pains and problems are.

So a Big Thank You shout out to all who responded.

I wanted to know so I could create this site, my products and services around YOU and YOUR challenges; also to provide the answers to the things you said you wished you’d known about generating leads online so you can get the growth you’re looking for.

So, where to start?

My survey told me you struggle with the time commitment – don’t we all ; ) – doing-it-yourself, creating content and knowing how to make online lead generation work – in particular.

That means you’ll need to know about proven strategies to generate leads online which work quickly and you can implement to grow your business.

Like my Motorway Mindset Marketing Method.

Why not take a look at this simple concept which can help you attract 80% more of your potential leads here.

I’ve got you covered with more free articles and guides which are growing all the time alongside paid-for coaching and training about online lead generation.

And I’ve set up the Breakthrough Business Group on Facebook which is an exclusive community of like-minded business owners looking to grow with online marketing. It’s free but I will have to check you’re the right fit before inviting you to join.

So enjoy, and here’s to your success!