Surprising Facts You Can Discover With a Survey


My 2016 Survey, The Best Ways to Get Leads Online, revealed more than just the best tactics to generate leads – it gave me hugely valuable insights into my potential customers’ pain points.

More about those later – because they’re important! But here are some surprising facts I discovered with my survey:

Solopreneurs lead the way when it comes to driving growth in their business. Wow! Despite barriers like making the time and doing it themselves,  more than a quarter said they’d seen turnover grow by more than 25%* thanks to generating their leads online.

(*Over two thirds of respondents in this category were targeting small businesses and large organisations.)

Solo owners made up the largest segment of all size businesses who reported such impact – nearly a quarter of all responses.

And your top 3 tactics were….?

  • Websites, email marketing and LinkedIn were reported as the most successful ways of generating leads online.

But those getting the biggest impact on turnover were ALL adding 4 other important tactics into the mix.

You can find out what those 4 other crucial ingredients were by downloading the full report of my 2016 Survey here: The Best Ways to Get Leads Online.

Other surprising discoveries?

  • It makes virtually NO difference how small or big a company you are when it comes to the Time Challenge. Everyone finds it difficult to make the time to implement their marketing campaigns.
  • This one I didn’t see coming – if you generate between 10% to 50% of your leads online, the impact on your turnover is roughly the same. But over 50%, the impact on revenues jumps 5X! It seems there is a serious tipping point*.

When it comes to online marketing you prioritised the challenges you face which means I must tailor my training and support for the things that matter to you – not me!

Time is your single biggest challenge – so I need to talk about Mindset, Focus, Productivity and Commitment.

Doing Things Yourself is the second biggest challenge – great! Because I can give you the know how, actions and support to move you past that barrier.

But being able to Create Content is as important to you as understanding How to Make Online Marketing work. Note to self: Include Killer Copywriting training.

Others voiced worries about how to structure their teams, the lack of understanding, getting a repeatable process in place and knowing how to monitor and optimise their campaigns.

They also talked about the things they’d learned and wished they’d known while trying to reach potential customers online.

Such as:

  • Make relationships first before going straight for the kill
  • Better segmentation, more accurate targeting, more relevant messages
  • A/B testing on all campaigns to improve performance
  • Understand who is searching for solutions like ours online. What are their problems?
  • Identify the key problems solved by our solution and find the most effective language / the words people would search with.
  • More commitment, new ideas and objective feedback from a third party

You can see where I’m going with this – the power of a survey is not just to collect information which you and others will want to know. It’s to give you insights into your customers’ pains or problems.

Which in turn make your marketing messages so much more targeted and therefore effective.

This is part of the work we must do to truly understand our perfect customer profiles so we can connect and build relationships with them.

Of course you don’t have to carry out a full blown survey – they are hard work. You could just ask your clients! If you want to know how to Profile Your Perfect Customer Profile there’s an article here.

I’m reminded of a recent business event where the host asked the audience Who’s Your Perfect Customer then? To which someone cheerfully responded, Anyone who’ll buy from me!!

Really? I mean, REALLY? That’s a super scary strategy for targeting the right kind of lead to develop a profitable customer base and business. We need that perfect Someone.

That’s why selling to Anyone is definitely a Bad Idea!

Click here to download my Full report on the Best Ways to Generate Leads Online.

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